Friday, December 21, 2012

Trouble for the NRA

Huffington Post

I believe the country is fed up with the spree shootings and reasonable people blame the NRA to one degree or another. The result is their power and influence is declining.

I also agree with those reports that say their power has been over-estimated. The money spent on losing political candidates over the last 5 years is one indication.  Another is they way they continually spin the membership numbers. How often do we hear them claim 4 million members in a boasting manner?

They could also say their members represent 4% of gun owners, but that doesn't sound so impressive.

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  1. And the Brady Campaign's 28,000 members, or under 0.00018 of the non-gun owning public, is supposed to be impressive? Or their $2860 budget?

    1. Jack, I hope you become a regular. It's been getting thick around here lately.

    2. Please do, I want to watch a strongman too, instead of just a clown (Greg).

      That would be truly entertaining.

      Also, considering that "smart" pro-gun, pro-freedom, people are showing up en masse lately, I wonder if someone blew the whistle about the "control freak statist" called "E.N"?