Monday, January 21, 2013

Ammoland's Take on the Proposed Virginia Gun Laws


8: New: OPPOSE: HB 2235, Delegate Lingamfelter, increases the penalties for using a gun in a crime. This is a “feel good” measure that will not make anyone any safer and it, yet again, villainizes guns. What this bill says is that the penalty for a crime should be determined by the tool the criminal uses. So, if a criminal uses a knife to murder someone, that’s not a big deal. But if they use a gun to murder the same person, then we’re really going to go after them! Why don’t we go after them equally anytime they commit a murder or other violent crime? Dead is dead and murder is murder, irrespective of the tool the murderer uses.

The others are interesting too, but this one especially caught my eye. What do you think?

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  1. for what it's worth I agree. I firmly believe murder is the most heinous crime a human can commit. I think it should hold the same, severe penalty regardless of the tool used.MikeZ

  2. Another example that gun control freaks are idiots.

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