Monday, January 21, 2013

Murder Rates Around the World

First of all, all those countries do not have 100% gun bans.  That's a flat-out lie.  Secondly, when compared to other 1st world countries and not places like Togo and Guinea, the US has a high murder rate.  And finally, so what?  What's the point?  This is like saying that cigarettes and falling down the stairs kill more people than guns.  What's the point, that we should do nothing about the guns deaths?

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  1. A lot of those countries have much stricter gun laws than the United States. What this shows is that gun laws don't correlate with reduced violence. Your claim is that gun control is about making a country safer, but there's no evidence to show that that would happen.

    And yes, if you care about reducing deaths, you should start with the causes that are much more deadly first.

    1. The lying liars who made that video said ALL the countries highlighted have complete gun bans. Care to comment on that?

    2. I don't have time to check the gun laws of every country named. Certainly, many of them have much stricter gun laws than America's. The point remains, whether the specific statement was an exaggeration or not.

    3. Exaggeration? Are you shittin' me? That was a blatant lie. Are you incapable of admitting it even when others on your side lie?

    4. Greg said, "And yes, if you care about reducing deaths, you should start with the causes that are much more deadly first."

      Greg is absolutely correct. However, Mikeb will never address that issue, all he cares about is guns, guns, guns. Look at the chart he posted today, not one word about gun deaths at the hands of lunatics running around the world in camo murdering people at the behest of some guy with a 'kill list' sitting in a White House.
      This is what is called being morally bankrupt.

      orlin sellers

    5. Actually I have occasionally posted anti-war, anti-government and anti-Obama things. But, the blog is primarily about guns.