Saturday, January 26, 2013

Piers Morgan with Newt Gingrich


  1. Piers Morgan is a sack of shit, coming into someone else's country and telling us what rights we should surrender. But let's deal with his blather:

    1. It's not a Bill of Needs. It's a Bill of Rights. We don't have to justify rights.

    2. Full-auto fire has specific applications, but in hand-held weapons, it's not the best. Still, full-auto shouldn't be restricted.

    3. Dianne Feinstein is on record as saying that if she had the votes, she'd propose a bill to take away all guns.

    4. Mass shootings are exceedingly rare. As Gingrich said, the majority of gun crimes are done with handguns.

    5. The AR-15 is his primary concern right now. What about tomorrow? A standard deer rifle is much more powerful than the AR-15.

    6. Gringich is exactly right--we're citizens, and we beat Morgan's side once before.

    7. In an interview with Carolyn McCarthy, Morgan said that a couple of women had spoken to wanted AR-15s to "murder" an attacker. He corrected himself a moment later with softer language, but he let slip his sympathies in that first statement.

  2. If these assholes like Feinstein & Piers Moron were honest they'd propose repealing the 2A, problem is, they're not honest, they're douche bags.

    orlin sellers

  3. And for another thing, the NFA 1934 didn't ban automatic weapons. It was a tax measure that made them prohibitively expensive to own. It was a $200 tax on a $100 or less gun. Not many people could afford to pay that.

    And the gangsters who the law was supposed to be aimed at stopping from having these weapons...well they were criminals, after all.

    Piers Morgan is a windbag who just likes to hear himself talk. I've never seen an interview by him in which he didn't ask a question, then talk right over the answer from his guest. He ought to have a show called the Piers Morgan stupid opinions show.

    And another thing, he keeps throwing out the over 12,000 killed by guns number and it is blatantly false as has been pointed out here many times before.

    1. G., It really sounds like you just don't like people who disagree with you.

      What do you mean about that 12,000 figure. Aren't there about that many gun murders each year?