Friday, January 25, 2013

Charleston County SC Sheriff Al Cannon

It's kinda funny the way he said he's not the type of politician who just says what the people want to hear and then went on to say just what the people want to hear.

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  1. He's saying what a lot of sheriffs are saying. Yes, he's saying what wide swaths of America is saying. Your side just isn't listening. We won't go along to get along. We won't surrender.

  2. If you're a public official, you take the same oath as our soldiers in the military which includes the phrase...Protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    What that means is that if a law is passed that is unconstitutional, then you have an obligation to refuse to enforce that law. I was just following orders is NOT a legal defense. Just ask the folks who were on trial in Nuremberg.

    1. One problem is you guys are not capable of determining which is which. So what you do is call the laws you don't like unconstitutional. It's self-serving bullshit.

    2. Actually, it's pretty simple, even a liberal with half a brain should understand it. When you swear or affirm to uphold and defend the Constitution, you have said that you will defend it as written, not as you wish it had been written like a lot of our elected and unelected public officials.

      What that means is that if a law is passed that goes against the Constitution as written, then you have an obligation to NOT enforce that law. It is explained to every service member when they go through their basic training.

      If you don't like the Constitution as written, then get yourself a two thirds majority of the states to ratify a change and good luck with that.

    3. What do you do then when two people have sincerely different interpretations of the meaning of the Constitution. For example, the Supreme Court said reasonable restrictions on gun rights are proper. Yet, the 2A says "shall not be infringed." We already have a problem, see?

      Are you one of those extremists who claims ANY restrictions violate the spirit of the 2A?