Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bumbling but Lawful Arizona Gun Owner Shoots Woman Mistaking Her for a Coyote

A woman was shot during a camping trip in the Mittry Lake Wildlife Area early Tuesday morning. Investigators currently believe the shooting was accidental.

According to the Yuma County Sheriff's Office, the woman, whose identity has not been released to the public, had gone to sleep in her vehicle while two friends accompanying her on the trip slept elsewhere.
Sometime before 5:22 a.m., the woman decided to exit her vehicle and lie down on the ground next to the fire set up at the campsite.
Shortly before 5:22 a.m., a man accompanying the woman, whose identity has also not been released to the public, was awoken by the sound of coyotes to the north of the campsite. He got his .22 caliber rifle and reportedly fired one shot toward where he heard the coyotes, not realizing the woman had moved from her vehicle to the area where he discharged his weapon.
The woman was struck on the left side of her cheek, and the bullet came out and then struck her in her left shoulder, traveling several inches down her back.


  1. What the hell kind of sick yokel grabs for his gun the instant he hears coyotes?

    Shoots his friend in the process! How could anyone be that stupid?

    1. There's nothing sick about grabbing a gun when coyotes are around, but shooting without identifying one's target is wrong.

    2. Shooting at animal noises is about as sick as it gets.