Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prosecutor: Firearms Instructor Who Shot Student Should Not Face Felony Charges

Terry J. Dunlap Sr.

The Republic

A special prosecutor says no felony charges should be filed against a central Ohio firearms instructor who accidentally shot a student in the arm in his concealed-carry class last year.

The prosecutor said Monday that the shooting near Lancaster was accidental and 74-year-old Terry J. Dunlap Sr. was not acting recklessly at the time.
Dunlap, a local township trustee who is certified to teach concealed-carry classes, shot 27-year-old Michael Piemonte while he was demonstrating a .38-caliber handgun toward the end of a 12-hour concealed-carry class on Aug. 10.

Piemonte, who was not seriously injured, tells The Columbus Dispatch ( ) that he believes Dunlap acted recklessly and should at least be charged with a misdemeanor. He said Dunlap has never apologized.

Not only that, but the bumbling instructor, lawful gun owner an concealed carry permit holder that he is, has a history of shooting people accidentally. 

Cathy Schmelzer couldn’t believe it when she read in the newspaper that Terry J. Dunlap Sr. — a firearms instructor — had accidentally shot someone.

“Oh no, he’s done it again!” she said she thought to herself. Schmelzer, 50, was Cathy Hessler, a 14-year-old Pickerington girl, when she was accidentally shot in 1977 by Dunlap during a Halloween hayride.


  1. Hmmm, its a challenge to have a negligent discharge with what is probably a revolver since semi-autos are normally called a .380 or use the metric. I would personally have a problem feeling any kind of credible in regards to teaching after a first offense.
    Interestingly, the source you used in regards to his history of negligence is a site devoted to motivating women to train themselves in areas of self defense, to include firearms as the name so clearly implies.

    "Girls Just Wanna Have Guns goal is to motivate women all over the world to prepare themselves for any threat they may encounter.
    Whether the weapon of choice is a gun, tazer, knife, spear, pencil or some form of martial arts, the most important thing is that women arm themselves with the right attitude and skills necessary to effectively and efficiently turn from prey to formidable defender."

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