Sunday, February 23, 2014

Houston Voter Turned away for Wearing an NRA T-shirt


  1. Nothing to see here--just a little voter suppression.

    This notion that wearing the shirt constitutes "electioneering" is bullshit, although I acknowledge that the previous example given, of the woman turned away from the polls for wearing a shirt depicting Dear Leader and family, because that was supposedly "electioneering," was equally bullshit.

  2. Its refreshing to see the electioneering law being enforced equally.

    In 2010, KHOU 11 News covered the same election code enforcement complaints from an outraged Democrat voter in Houston.

    "No, that's not gonna roll with me,” said Tamika Francis when she was turned away from a voting location because she was wearing a T-shirt with pictures of President Obama and the first family.
    "He is not a candidate in the Texas election so why are you denying me the right to vote,” she argued.
    Election officials explained that, as the de-facto head of the Democratic Party, President Obama’s image or likeness constituted “electioneering” as well. Francis either had to cover the shirt, turn it inside out, or change into a different non-political shirt if she wished to enter the polling place to cast her ballot."

    It is interesting to note the differences in acceptance of the explanation.

    "Tamika Francis, meanwhile, doesn't yet fully accept the explanation, but said she is sure of one thing.
    “I'm not going to give up. I'm going to vote,” she said."

    "I guess I can kind of see where their reaction came from,” said Driskill of his similar experience this week with election workers at the Waller County Courthouse."

    Though in the end, both were able to cast their ballots.

  3. It's good to see the law enforced equally, but less zealousness would also be good. Or perhaps the polling places should adopt the policy of snooty restaurants and keep loaner jackets available.

  4. These campaign rules really should not be aimed at individual people.