Friday, February 28, 2014

Obama Hate among Republicans

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  1. Are you capable of understanding that political tactics and arguments over philosophy don't have to mean hate?

  2. Mike, this is merely the opening of negotiations in the debate for minimum wage legislation. Why exactly does any kind of partisan disagreement have to devolve into some sort of hate/ethical component?
    Actually, the minimum wage bill would have been passed earlier if they had listened to the Presidents warning since they tried to attach a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. And as he promised, he vetoed it.

    "The minimum wage was passed by the House and the Senate on May 24, 2007 as part of HR 2206, the supplemental aid to the Iraq War. As part of the deal, $257 million worth of tax breaks were given to small business over a 10-year period to offset the wage increase."

    And as you can see, there was assistance given to small business to help prevent the loss of jobs that follow increases in the minimum wage. So far, there has been no mention of this for the current President's proposal.
    Considering that it has been reported that the rise in the minimum wage could result in the loss of 500k jobs, this might be a valid consideration with us just coming out of a recession.

    1. A worthy opponent you are. I shall not attempt to best you, only appreciate your good information and offer my own illumination.

      1. Ten years have not elapsed. The tax breaks will be in place until 2017.

      2. It has been seven years since the last increase.

      Personal observation from 2007. The gap between my own hourly wage and the minimum wage decreased sharply. I asked my supervisor for a compensatory raise. She told me that is not how the minimum wage works. It was so true that I could say nothing. It only brought into sharper focus how important it is to have an absolute floor, below which the hourly wage cannot fall.

    2. FJ, Asking legislators to craft a simple bill with no exceptions is just short of impossible. Hard to believe those first ten amendments are so concise.