Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ohio Concealed Carry permit Holder Smuggles Gun into Toledo Court House in Companion's Purse - No Charges

A Lucas County sheriff’s deputy who has been disciplined in the past for inattention to his job could face additional sanctions for allowing a handgun to get through security screening at Toledo Municipal Court.
Deputy Barry Disalle, 68, was working the screening area at the court entrance Feb. 10 when he apparently became distracted and did not see a small semiautomatic handgun at the bottom of a woman’s purse, said Rob Sarahman, an investigator with the sheriff’s internal-affairs unit.
According to an incident report, the deputy noticed an image of the gun in the purse later on the X-ray machine about 2:30 p.m. and located the woman carrying it in the lobby area outside the city prosecutor’s office. A man with her said the gun was his and that he had a concealed carry permit, according to the report.
Is that allowed?  Is a concealed carry permit holder allowed to turn his weapon over to another person to hold? 
Typically, in gun-lovin' Ohio, the focus of this story is on the inattentive security guard who didn't stop them at the screening point.
Sounds like more special treatment for civilian gun owners.


  1. "Is that allowed? Is a concealed carry permit holder allowed to turn his weapon over to another person to hold?"

    Mike, the article you posted answered that question for you. And as you can see, they might still be prosecuted. I know that in my county courthouse, there are lockers provided outside the secured area where you can store prohibited items while you do your business inside. (you provide the padlock)

    "While neither the man nor the woman was charged in the incident, the matter has been turned over to the city prosecutor’s office. Sheriff Tharp said weapons — even legal ones — are not permitted in the courthouse, and it also is illegal to allow someone else to carry your gun."

    1. Of course you "missed" that. Just like you missed waiting for police investigations before claiming an incident was a gun loon cause. Typical for someone who does not live in America.