Sunday, February 16, 2014

Iowa Man Charged with Murder in What Was Thought an Accidental Shooting in December

Local news reports

The Ames Police Department received a call of a shooting that had taken place at 4810
Westbend Drive at 10:31 P.M. on December 20, 2013. When officers arrived, they found a
male, identified as Devlin F. Lockman, 38 years of age, with a gunshot wound to the head.
The shooting was originally reported as accidental. However, after an extensive and ongoing
investigation, a charge of Murder in the First Degree under Iowa Code 707.2, a class "A"
felony, has been filed against Leigh Lepon, age 32, of Boone, Iowa.
The charge is a result of new witness information, autopsy results conducted by the State Medical Examiner's Office, and additional forensic evidence.
Lepon is currently being held at the Story County Jail


  1. It appears that we all jumped to conclusions in this event. When we originally discussed this, we only focused on whether it was accidental or intentional self harm.

    1. I really don't get that an "extensive and ongoiing investigation" takes months to come to a conclusion.

    2. Most of it involves how long it can take to process forensic evidence. It isn't like TV. Plus there are protocols that have to be followed to insure its admissibility as evidence.
      The alternative is for the evidence to be inadmissible.