Sunday, February 16, 2014

Play Bango with gun loon cliches

Or, a Campy comment generator--no need to think necessary.  In fact, use one of these cliches and then add your own ignorant statement to be like just like Campy.


  1. Laci bingo is an easy game to win. Everyone's card has one square: Laci acts superior with no justification.

    Bingo! We all win.

  2. Putting your opponents argument on a bingo card does not refute them.

  3. Laci, my company put on a benefit concert for a kid with brain cancer today. What have you done to make the world better?

    1. What company. I thought you were a college professor?

    2. I am, but my partners and I have started an editing, graphic design promotion, and soon to be publishing company called Oghma Creative Media. We work with musicians and writers primarily, but we also do work with businesses. I'm still teaching for now, but the company promises to be a lot more money for me in the future with less bureaucratic hassle. And my end of it will be essentially doing what I've done all along--helping writers polish their craft. But I'll probably teach one class a semester just for the fun of it.

      If you're interested in the concert, have a look here: