Saturday, February 22, 2014

Southern Beale's Tennessee Gun Report

1- A Montgomery County man says he was drinking and smoking dope while playing with his gun, you know, like how you do sometimes? And oops, guess what:
According to a police report, Tripp said “he was playing with the weapon and pulled the hammer back on the pistol. Reuben then laid the pistol on the couch and sat on the floor, bumping the pistol.”
Tripp said the pistol discharged. When deputies arrived at the home, they found his wife, Dinah Tripp, holding a wash cloth to Reuben Tripp’s back. The first thing Reuben Tripp told officers is that his wife did not shoot him and that it was an accident.
Dinah Tripp, 49, told deputies she was in another room cleaning when the incident happened.
Congratulations, Reuben Tripp! You are our Second Amendment Hero of the Week!


  1. No, he's an idiot, not a hero, but the fact that the vast majority of us don't behave this way is lost on you.

    1. "Vast majority" is not good enough, Greg. That's exactly why we need stricter laws.

    2. Vast majority in this case equals much greater than 99%, so no, we don't need stricter laws.

    3. Well that depends on where you draw the line, doesn't it? If you take all gun owners and compare them to the number of crimes committed with guns and the number of guns stolen each year, right there you'd be below the 99% mark. But, let's also include the number of accidents in which someone is injured or killed, all the times one of you idiots drops a gun or forgets there's a round in the chamber, all the times one of you clowns gets drunk and handles a gun, all the times a gun is brought to the airport, in other words all the stupid and dangerous behavior that you guys are prone to do, you'd come up with a LOT less than 99%.

      Can you guess what percentage I'd assign to it?