Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arizona Couple's Fight Ends in Shooting, Teen Kids Call 911

An argument between a husband and wife ended in an accidental shooting at a Tempe apartment complex Friday morning.
According to Sgt. Mike Pooley of the Tempe Police Department, the couple's two kids called 911 at about 6 a.m.
"Initially they told us that both of their parents had been shot," Pooley told 3TV's Ryan O'Donnell. "When we got out here we found the father walking down the street. He had two guns in his hands."
Pooley said the man complied with officers, putting his guns down when ordered. Police took him into custody without incident.
When they went into the couple's apartment, officers found a woman who had been shot in the leg.
That woman was taken to a local hospital and is expected to be OK.
Pooley said detectives are getting conflicting stories about the moment leading up to the shooting.
Both the man and the woman said they were wrestling for the gun, but it's not clear who had it when it discharged. The man told officers his wife shot herself. She said her husband shot her.


  1. What a colossal dumbass. She's lucky he didn't kill her. That's what I was trying to preach to you gun enthusiasts. It's not unusual to have a high passion or hot temper when dealing with a spouse. Any man who has a tendency to argue or fight with his woman should not have any guns in the house whatsoever. Look at this fool. He's having an argument with his wife with the kids home and he grabs for his gun. She is lucky that she tried to get it out of his hands or he probably would have killed her. Then he had the nerve to tell the cops she shot herself. I'd call it attempted murder.

    1. I've known many loving couples that could have one Hell of an argument, and nobody ever grabbed for a gun or any other weapon/improvised weapon. Fighting ain't the problem. The problem is the abusive type who would reach for a gun in this type of situation--man or woman.

    2. FJ, you have such a dark view of humanity. Most people aren't that bad.

    3. Simon, I really don't think TS would consider the loving couples that you personally have known to be a sufficient sample to base an opinion on.

      And you accidentally said something that I can agree with. It's the unfit people combined with gun availability. That's why we need to raise the qualifications for gun ownership.

    4. If it was an act in anger, or the passion of the moment why didn't he grab the nearest weapon like a kitchen knife? Instead he went and got (a choice he had to think about within his moment of passion and anger) his gun.

    5. Mike,

      What's up with the statistics dig? I wasn't claiming to be able to make a statistical argument that the people I know represented X% of the population. I was answering Junior's statement which implied that ANYONE with a tendency to fight should not have guns because of the danger. Any sample size is enough to falsify a universal statement like that.

      As for our area of overlapping agreement, it's the person that is the problem, not the availability of the gun. That same person will strike his or her spouse, potentially knock their head into furniture, or use improvised weapons. The answer is not to waste effort on an unwinnable fight for gun restrictions such as may issue permitting for ownership, but to improve our criminal justice system to better punish these people.

      Their abuse should be unthinkable, but since it apparently isn't, they need the threat of severe punishment hanging over them to hopefully restrain their actions.

  2. He could have easily grabbed an ice pick. kitchen knife, or a baseball bat, but a gun is his weapon of choice. That was his first thought when he thought about using a deadly weapon, a gun, nothing else.