Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oregon Lawful Gun Owner Shoots at Neighbor, Gets Arrested

Sheriff: Man fired gun at neighbor after fight
Alexander Richardson

Local news reports

Deputies arrested a man Sunday afternoon, after they say he shot at his neighbor after a fight.

Aythorities say Alexander Houston Richardson, 52, of Idleyld Park, was involved in a physical fight with a neighbor, before going across the street to his trailer and grabbing a 30-30 rifle. 

Officials say Richardson fired a shot across the highway toward the male victim and several houses.

After going back inside his trailer, officials say several deputies arrived and took Richardson into custody without further incident. 

Richardson was lodged in the Douglas County Jail and charged by deputies with Attempted Second Degree Assault, Pointing a Firearm at Another Person, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Disorderly Conduct, Menacing and Recklessly Endangering.

He should be able to plea those charges down to something everyone can live with.  He'll be right back in action after the dust settles.

Instead, he should have been charged with felony attempted murder. 


  1. If he shot AT the guy, you're absolutely right. If he shot in his direction, but obviously at something else--e.g. a spite shot at the guy's truck, then felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Either way, multiple counts of reckless endangerment for people in the line of fire, which may be another felony count.

    If the D.A. is even half way competent, he should be able to manage a conviction that is at least a felony. I've never seen one who liked bargaining a felony down to a misdemeanor--more common to keep the felony level conviction and bargain down to misdemeanor time with years of probation that could turn into years in jail if he misbehaves--and that's if his record is otherwise clean.

  2. violent guy all messed up his whole life