Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Houston Woman Shoots Through the Door at her Drunk Neighbor - Gets Away with Manslaughter


  1. I'm not seeing anything about charges in this report or any others. Though it will be going to a grand jury.
    I wonder where she could have learned to do something like shoot through a door.

    “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

  2. Good for you Sarge. You just pointed out that Joe Biden made a huge mistake by throwing you guys a bone. Slightly off-topic. It probably was not a shotgun, since it killed the person. You don't have to be a ballistics expert to know that a bullet can penetrate a door. Did Oscar Pistorius use a shotgun?

    1. "It probably was not a shotgun, since it killed the person."

      Buckshot will often penetrate residential walls and doors, plus, anyone who tries to sell the its only birdshot when trying to justify shooting through a door, needs to as my mother was fond of saying, "shake up their brains".
      Using deadly force in any situation is a big step. I don't like warning shots because it trivializes the magnitude of that step, and the bullets have to go somewhere.
      Every politician has their signature quotes,

      Nixon: I am not a crook.

      Clinton: I'm going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

      The Vice President is going to have to accomplish something pretty major to overcome that quote.

  3. Don't you think it's a little silly to keep harping on the stupid Biden thing?

    1. Lets see here: The president appointed him to spearhead efforts on guns, and he made the stupid comment as part of an explanation of why we don't need assault weapons because shotguns are moar betterer.

      He gave horrible legal advice as a justification for a new law that he wanted, and that you want, and this is a case where someone did what he wrongfully advised people to do.

      Sorry, but it looks pretty relevant here.

    2. Yes, all that's true. But haven't you guys gotten enough mileage out of that nonsense by now?

      I really don't think anyone on either side of the aisle thought that was good advice. My reaction was to slam my palm to my forehead and say , "Oh, no," because I knew you guys would seize upon it and beat it to death. I was right.

      Can we get beyond it now, please, and talk about what that woman did. Is that ever a good practice? Why would someone do such a thing?

      As with most gun misuse, I blame you guys. That poor woman was so convinced by gun-rights fanatics who excessively justify their gun ownership, that sooner or later she'd be the victim of a home invader . The result, she did something very stupid which cost a man his life.

    3. Well, Biden is still VP, and nobody in the administration said anything against that advice, or pulled him from using his wonderfully non-existent logic in determining what restrictions the administration would ask for. So so long as it's relevant, we'll keep justifiably bringing it up.

      As for whether we can get past it and discuss about this woman and this case, I was about to scroll up and watch the video when I got to your next paragraph--"As with most gun misuse, I blame you guys." Wow. With an opener like that, backed up by the flimsiest non sequitur I've seen in a while, what's the point. All you're going to do is sling mud, so we might as well point out that WE were the ones screaming against what Biden said, we're the side that tests things, accumulates information, and uses it to try to educate people on gun safety rules, what different guns' ammo will penetrate (which has relation to being sure of one's target and what's behind it), etc. YOUR side are the ones who screw up terminology, confuse things, and foster a culture of ignorance about guns that increases accidents and stupidity like this.

      But that last part is a flimsy non-sequitur you say. Yes? Your point? I'm just responding according to your rules of engagement.

    4. For one thing, I don't recall Biden saying to shoot through the door. I don't know where ss picked up that Field and Stream quote, but I would consider it suspect. Secondly, that was the point, shooting through the door. You have nothing to say about that? Is that because my blaming you guys, which I explained, was too much for you?

    5. Mike, as you can see by the link I supplied, I got it from Field and Stream.

    6. I was responding to your comments about laying off the whole Biden thing.

      If you MUST know my opinion about shooting through doors:

      OF COURSE it's not appropriate to shoot at an unknown target when you can't see it or what's behind or in front of it.

      As for your supposed explanation of our culpability for her breaking the rules we try to hammer into shooters' heads, as I said, it was as much a non sequitur as blaming Carolyn McCarthy's "shoulder thing that goes up" comment or any other bit of technical ignorance on your side for it.

    7. Yes, ss, I saw that. I even referred to it as the "Field and Stream quote." My question is, is that the way you remember it. The highly publicized, especially on the gun blogs, remarks by the VP didn't include shooting through the door, as I remember them. How about you?

    8. "The highly publicized, especially on the gun blogs, remarks by the VP didn't include shooting through the door, as I remember them. How about you? "

      These articles are over a year old. And as you can see in the last cite, you even sort of stuck up for him, sort of....

      "Vice President Biden sticks by advice to ‘just fire the shotgun through the door’ for defense"

      "Joe Biden Has More Gun Advice: ‘Just Fire the Shotgun Through the Door"

      "It’s time for this idiot to resign in disgrace: Clueless Joe Biden tells shooters to fire through the door, committing murder."

      "Mike BSeptember 6, 2013 at 9:47 AM
      As stupid as his remarks were, Biden didn't suggest that one should shoot wildly with no concern of where the bullets go."

    9. How can you accuse me of sticking up for him when I started the comment with "as stupid as his remarks were?" There's no "sort of" about it.

      The point of that comment was to refute one of the gun-rights fanatics who wildly exaggerated with Biden said. He didn't say "shoot wildly with no concern."

      You didn't answer my question. Did Biden ever say shoot through the door as far as you recall?

  4. A shotgun is a good choice for home defense. That's not to say one should be limited to that choice.