Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I am never surprised by the level of ignorance shown by gunloons

I know you lot have a higher estimation of your intellects than is accurate, but the reality is that you are ignorant and intellectually dishonest. I've heard from someone who was present at the Tucson shooting where Gabby Giffords was shot that people will come to their house and tell them the incident was a fake.


Anyway, it's hard to take you lot seriously when you spout obvious shit.

In this case, it comes from the Katie Couric TV show Facebook page:

And you're a dumfuck as well, pal.

I am not sure why politicians in the US give you people the time of day.

And you would be pleasantly absent if this were a totalitarian state.

No wonder people have Ostalgie.  It must be nice to not have crazies like you running around carrying weapons and saying idiotic things.  But, that is also the case in most western democracies where people can act sanely and civilly.


  1. "In this case, it comes from the Katie Couric TV show Facebook page"

    One of the joys of the internet is that it makes possible many stupid stories because the net provides the anonymity to say that stuff without consequences. And of course we have real live people who say things that are very unsafe that are well known suggesting that a scared person should fire a shotgun into the air to ward off potential intruders.
    The best thing to do when confronted with comments like these is to smile, shake your head, and walk away. And above all, try not to generalize one person's stupidity to a group.

    1. Laci's schtick depends on doing exactly that, the fallacy of the hasty generalization. Oh, and the inflated sense of his own worth.

    2. But, you have to admit, among the 60 million gun owners in the US, there are quite a few "dumb fucks," as Laci calls them.

      Of course, if you do the right arithmetic formula you can dismiss them as "nearly zero," right Greg?

    3. No, I have to admit no such thing.

  2. Individual crackpots are different than groups. People have a right to speak whatever garbage they want, and responsible people have a responsibility to use their speech rights to counter that garbage.

    If a board member of the NRA like Ted Nugent spews his racist garbage, and the NRA doesn't speak against the racist garbage he spews, then it's not out of line to consider, or even accuse the NRA of supporting those kind of statements.
    The group is painted by the brush their leaders paint with, and the NRA can tell him to desist in his racist garbage, fire him, or be linked to his garbage by their silence.

    1. That's right, but even our most reasonable adversary says Piers Morgan is far worse than Ted. It boggles the mind.

    2. That's the win/lose "side" mentality at work, or else SS is a lot dumber than I thought.

  3. These types, like 9/11 truthers and others, are found all across the political spectrum and are irrelevant to discussions between two opposing groups who don't share their views.

    It's interesting how you charge us with intellectual dishonesty and then try to generalize these people's silliness against all of us who don't take part in it, all in the name of a cheap, dishonest rhetorical point.

    As for your final comments about the pleasant absence of people like that and like us in totalitarian states, your little love note to the Stasi of East Germany is about the most disgusting thing you've ever written, whether said in jest, hyperbole, or seriousness and just as inappropriate as someone making lynching jokes about Obama.

    1. Simon, I would expand the "dumb fuck" category of gun owners to include many other types besides the conspiracy theorists. How about the ones who "forget the one in the chamber." Surely they qualify.

    2. WTF, Mike?

      How is your comment remotely related to what I said?

      And are you trying to come to Laci's defense for his comments about how nice it must be to live in a society where the Stasi have removed all the people he thinks are nutjobs?

      Or are you trying to change the subject and distract from the fact that Laci keeps posting horrific things?

    3. WTF, right back at ya, Simon. You're the one who brought up the 9/11 truthers. Taking my cue from that and following up on Laci's "dumb fuck" thing, I made a point that I though you'd understand.

      To sum up, there are too many dumb fucks among you gun owners. Get it?

    4. Mike,

      Laci wasn't talking about "dumbfucks" who need to have their guns taken away due to negligence, etc. which is what you were changing the topic to with your comments about people who forget there's a round in the chamber. Want to talk about people forgetting that, make a post about it and ask for discussion.

      What Laci was talking about was "dumbfucks" who come up with conspiracy theories that Newtown or the Giffords shooting were hoaxes. This is classic Laci and Dog Gone as well from their posts here and at Penigma--they find an extreme example such as this, try to paint their entire opposition with that brush, and glory in talking about how stupid they are and how unworthy of anyone paying attention to them.

      My point in bringing up the 9/11 truthers, if you look at my first comment here, was to point out that you can find people with wacky, discreditable theories on all sides, and that pointing them out in this way is not conducive to having any kind of discussion between opposing groups.

      As I explained, it's a dishonest ploy that does nothing but shut down discussion and leave the side doing it feeling smugly superior.

      Had this been all Laci did, that would have been the end of it.

      However, my last part of the comment was related to where Laci went with this idea. Dog Gone usually leaves things with a statement of how stupid her opponents are and how nobody should pay attention to them, just ridicule them. This time, though, Laci went beyond that metric and started talking about the East Germany and his new understanding of Ostalgia, and how nice it must be to live in a society where you don't have to deal with people who fit his definition of dumbfucks.

      This should be Roundly condemned by everyone. Laci went beyond ridicule of his opponents, beyond generalizations to paint them as stupid extremists who hold views they don't hold, etc. He did those things, but then went on to fantasize about a world in which an organization like the Stasi had rid us of these people.

      This is no different than someone on the right making a joke about how nice it would be to live in a society where lynch mobs had taken care of progressives so we didn't have to deal with them.

    5. In this context, your ignoring what Laci said and trying to say, "Hey! People who forget a round in the chamber should count too!" looks like saying "they should be on the Stasi's list too!"

      I know that's not what you were trying to say (Or at least I hope to God not!) That's why I responded with that WTF--I couldn't see how you were missing the point I'd been getting at in my comment to Laci and missing how bad a context that was unintentionally putting your comment in.