Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Georgia Man Pulls Gun at a Basketball Game - Gets a Slap on the Wrist

Local news reports

After a shoving spat during a basketball game at the Turner Lake Recreational Complex, a man pulled a gun from his bag Thursday.

According to reports, Gregory Cordaro Devoes, 25 of Covington, got into a shoving altercation with 23-year-old Shalom Voisin of Stone Mountain. After Voisin punched Devoes, Devoes went into his gym bag and pulled out a 40 caliber Sig Sauer hand gun. According to Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcom, Devoes charged the weapon, pulling back the action and held it to his side. Malcom said the weapon was not pointed at anyone.

Reportedly, everyone in the gym then dispersed. According to reports, Devoes put the gun back in his bag and took it to his car as the Covington Police Department was called.
According to Malcom, Devoes was arrested for disorderly conduct, the gun was taken into custody and Voisin was given a citation for disorderly conduct.

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