Sunday, March 30, 2014

South Carolina Gun Owner Shoots Himself - Lies About It - Charges Possible

Local news reports

A Jasper County man who came to Skiff Medical Center with a gunshot wound, claiming he had been shot by someone else, made the whole story up.

Sheriff John Halferty issued a press release Friday afternoon to report the man, who is not being identified due to his medical condition and because family have not yet been notified, accidentally shot himself. An investigation into the incident continues, and charges may be pending.

Newton Police Department officers and Jasper County Sheriff deputies responded to investigate the shooting. The man told investigators he had been shot by someone else in rural Jasper County, noting the shooter left the scene, and provided a description of the vehicle, and noted one other person was a passenger.

"Based on this information, the Jasper County Sheriff's Office put out a radio broadcast with a description of the vehicle and suspects," Halferty said. "Officers from several agencies attempted to locate this vehicle."

However, upon further investigation, it was determined the man had accidentally shot himself and there were no other suspects.


  1. Why would he lie about it?

    1. Because he is a gunsuck moron. He didn't want to look stupid, probably.