Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Astrological Significance of the Solstice Refuted--NOPE!

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  1. And the worldwide Celebration of Christmas by Christians lives on.

    orlin sellers

  2. Wow! Laci's really going whole hog on this Zeitgeist thing, defending every last bit of it....except the one part I actually pointed out was wrong--that is, the first video's claim that the sun and Southern Cross are in conjunction or near conjunction at the winter solstice. You'd think it would be easier to just say "Yes, they got that wrong," rather than spending so much time trying to claiming that every other thing is correct and trying to use that to distract from the glaringly wrong claim.

  3. Still, I gotta say, this is entertaining to watch.

    A: "Hey Laci, your video got this thing wrong!"

    L: "You're a stupid doodie head! You're too dumb to understand! But here, look at this: Solstices Exist!"

    A: "Yes, they do, and they're important psychologically and in various religions, but that doesn't address..."

    L: "Shut up doodie head! See, solstices are important, and their importance has not been debunked!"

    A: "When did I claim to debunk the importance of solstices? All I claimed was a simple to detect error about the sun's position at the Winter Solstice. Care to deal with that?"

    Any guesses on Laci's next response?

    A) Facebook Astronomy quizzes.
    B) More off topic defenses of Zeitgeist focusing on anything BUT the issue raised.
    C) More name calling, insulting of intelligence, and comments about how little he cares about what I think, all without looking at a star chart--or after looking at one but refusing to acknowledge that the Southern Cross lies is not near the ecliptic, much less the part where the sun is at winter solstice.
    D) "Ignoring" comments while sending sock puppet dog gone to do one of the above.