Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gun loons--the best argument for gun regulation on the planet.

First off, we have the open carry movement imploding all around us with Veronica Dunnachie showing she wasn't a victim.

Nope, she was a killer.

Of course, the Open Carry Movement wants to say they never heard of her.
Yeah, right....

But, the best thing to do to get ammunition to shoot down your arguments is to just let you babble.  Like this.

I feel safer already knowing you people have guns in your homes.

Especially since it will help buttress the claim that guns in the home are more likely to injure or kill a family member than a criminal.

Gun loons--a dying breed.


  1. "First off, we have the open carry movement imploding all around us with Veronica Dunnachie showing she wasn't a victim."

    A lot of the open carry movement you see is in Texas, and I was always under the impression that their biggest beef was that Texas allowed open carry of long arms and antique pistols, but not modern handguns.
    This issue might be fixed soon by the state legislature there. There are many other states that allow open carry in some form. Carry permit holders aren't required to conceal in Minnesota.
    If you want to get into criminality of political activists on this subject, lets not forget these folk,

    1. That's funny coming from the master of diversion and lies. Calling people who work for gun laws criminals. Keep your BS coming SS.

    2. Well Anon, considering that they all have in common being involved in the gun rights debate, albeit on different sides, it seems quite germane.
      How exactly mentioning one group in response to the same tactic being used on the other side a diversion?

    3. Because master liar you complain about anti gun groups protesting, but say pro gun groups protesting is a right. It's your hypocrisy that is in question, not the right of people to protest.

    4. They are quite welcome to protest. And you are quite welcome to comment as you wish as long as Mike hits the approve button. And I'm quite welcome also to point out the contradictions in how the government practices its trade.
      This is America at its finest.

    5. You are the one who claimed MOM's din't have a right to protest Kroger's executives.

    6. I never said they couldn't protest. I just said that the executives weren't obligated to listen to them.

    7. You said MOM's were harassing them, yet protest from the other side are legitimate. Hypocrisy at its beat.

  2. Hey Laci, you should have included this guy's account in your list:

    Was Rep. Barr drunk when he had his accident? I wasn't drunk when the airgun went off.

    I had cocked the airgun to shoot a rat, but couldn't find any pellets. Several days later, I was handling the airgun and touched the trigger causing the pop, which scared the piss out of me.

    The blank incident happened when I had unloaded my PPK blank pistol. I had pulled the slide back several times with no cartridge ejecting. I had put the safety on and was dry firing the gun. All proper safeguards had been taken.

    So, I had thought when it went off with a bang.

    Quoting a shill like Gary Kleck won't get you anywhere with me. I think that 20 million people have actually had an encounter with an extraterristreal being using his methodology.

    The fact is that a house with a gun is more likely to have a gun accident than a house where no guns are present.


    I bet you'd feel safer if you know that this person doesn't have a gun.

    1. The funny part is, of all the people in the thread, this is the only guy whom you have the power to disarm, Laci.