Monday, December 15, 2014

The internal flaw of the gun conspiracy theorists

Or as David Aaronovitch's pointed out about Alex Jones: if he knows all this top secret truth, and is still alive, does that mean that it's all bollocks, or is Jones part of the conspiracy?

"You are the worst person I've ever interviewed...We have an idiot on the programme today,"

Anyway, like the idiot above, your premise contains an internal flaw:
"Mass shootings, in particular, are staged by the government to enable the swift enactment of draconian gun laws."
The US sees far more mass shootings, and gun violence in general, than any other DEVELOPED nation, yet gun laws have gotten weaker for the most part if anything.  Sure, there have been some gains in some states, but nothing like what happened in Australia, which is what you assert should have happened.  In fact, the laws enacted in Australia would be mild according to what you claim.

Instead, what we see is reality denial, with above idiot being one of the worst offenders.

I'll offer a counterquestion to your statement:  why should we give a fuck about your rights if you don't care about others?

You have given up your place at the table when you can walk up to a victim's family member and assert that their pain is somehow "false" or "fake".

You are the person who is unreal.


  1. Yes, Jones is a buffoon, and is widely acknowledged as such. His idiocy affects my rights or the positions I'm allowed to advocate how?

    And what about the 9/11 truthers on the left? If we pull up some of them does that mean that you have to meekly shut up about Iraq, Afghanistan, or the torture report?

    Mike once agreed that it was as silly and counterproductive to demand that we answer for every position taken by nuts construed to be on our side as to demand the same of your side. Guess the party line has evolved.

    Tell me, Laci, when will you be telling us how you dare talk about gun control when people on your side post threats, express wishes that pro gun people's children would be shot, and openly advocate SWATing carriers on message boards and facebook?

    1. "And what about the 9/11 truthers on the left? "

      I'd say the 9/11 Truthers are more numerous on the right. In fact, Alex Jones is one of the loudest.

  2. "Mass shootings, in particular, are staged by the government to enable the swift enactment of draconian gun laws."

    Nothing says fraud like starting out with a fake, unattributed quote.

    orlin sellers

    1. I thought that was the premise of some people's gun rights argument rather than a specific quote.

  3. Jones is a perfect example of a person who should not own a gun.