Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pennsylvania Spree Shooter Kills Six

Bradley William Stone
Bradley William Stone


Montgomery County police are seeking the suspected gunman, whom they named as Bradley William Stone, 35.
They say he may be armed and dangerous and told residents to remain indoors.
The suspect killed his ex-wife Nicole Stone, her mother, her grandmother, her sister, her sister's husband and 14-year old daughter.


  1. "Later on Monday, police descended on Doylestown, east of Souderton, following reports that a man answering Mr Stone's description had tried to steal a car."

    The complete story on this particular encounter is much more interesting as described in the local news,

    "Stone's whereabouts also remained unknown. However, about 7 p.m., a man out walking his dog on Burpee Road in Doylestown was approached by a man who may have been Bradley Stone.
    According to Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler, the suspect "accosted" the dogwalker, brandishing a knife and demanding that he hand over his car keys. The unidentified victim, who has a concealed-carry permit, pulled out a gun and fired at the attacker, who fled into nearby woods, Heckler said.
    It was unclear if the shots struck the attacker, who also may have been bitten by the resident's dog, Heckler said.
    Investigators wouldn't confirm whether the subject of their search was Stone, but considered it "a strong possibility."


    1. Another military trained killer on the loose. Did you train this killer SS?

  2. Classic intimate partner mass murder / suicide.

    Looks like his body was just found this mid-day in PA, and ID'd; initial reports claim his suicide was with a sword, not a gun.

    Hope the bastard suffered.