Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Obama Surgeon General Nominee Prevails Over NRA And Right-Wing Media Smear Campaign

Media Matters

Dr. Vivek Murthy overcame a longstanding right-wing media and National Rifle Association smear campaign togain Senate confirmation as Surgeon General on Monday by a vote of 51-43.

Conservative media had worked to cast Murthy as a radical for his uncontroversial stance that gun violence is a public health issue and criticized his supposed lack of qualifications.

The conservative media attacks against Murthy began in early March. Coverage of his nomination focused on his past acknowledgement that gun violence affects public health, which conservative media spun as evidence Murthy is obsessed with gun regulations. (Murthy has actually said his focus as Surgeon General will not be on gun violence, but rather obesity.)

Fox contributor Katie Pavlich claimed that Murthy is "rabidly anti-gun" and "must be stopped," and Fox & Friends co-host Peter Johnson, Jr. argued that, if confirmed as Surgeon General, Murthy would make the examining room about "about party registration or about gun registration" rather than medicine. Fox hosts also worked to downplay Murthy's considerable accomplishments and suggested that he was unqualified to be "our nation's doctor" because "he hasn't done much in his career yet," all while arguing he would turn the Surgeon General role "into a hyper-partisan position." These arguments became the basis for an extendedsmear campaign on Fox News and conservative blogs.


  1. This could have been done sooner but Harry Reid lacked the courage to make it happen and pushed it off till after the elections.Their use of the nuclear option will comeback to haunt them and the country as a whole in the future.


  2. "(Murthy has actually said his focus as Surgeon General will not be on gun violence, but rather obesity.)"

    I guess we'll see how truthful he is with this statement. The gun control advocates certainly seem to think that he'll be into pushing gun control. If gun rights advocates AND gun control advocates both think the new Surgeon General will be making moves to push for gun control, then why are only the gun rights advocates wrong?

    1. Is someone saying they're wrong about predicting his pushing for gun control?