Wednesday, December 17, 2014

With Just 40 Gun Murders In Australia In 2012, Sydney Hostage Crisis Looms Large

Huffington Post

Australia was rocked by a rare episode of gun violence on Tuesday, when a tense hostage siege in Sydney came to an end after police pushed into a downtown cafe and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The gunman, reportedly armed with a pump-action shotgun, was killed by police, who entered the store after gunfire was heard inside. Two hostages also died, though it was unclear whether they were killed by the hostage-taker or by police who sought to free them.
The battle at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in the heart of Sydney initially looked more complicated than a "damaged goods individual" with a gun, as the gunman's former lawyer recently described him. There were reports of possible explosives, an ominous display of a flag with an inscription of the Islamic declaration of faith, and rumorsthat the gunman may have ties to other terror suspects.


  1. Brought to you by the Religion of Peace

  2. I thought guns were banned in Australia.

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  3. Some are allowed Orlin. However pump action shotgun a very restricted. Limited to the government and a few special individuals. And the law has been in effect for some fifteen plus years I believe.

  4. There will always be terrorists, crooks, and the mentally incompetent that break the law, but Australia's low gun shot death rate shows most follow the law and that has kept gun shot deaths to a minimum. Wouldn't it be nice if America had such a low gun shot death rate? I suppose the gun loons would say no to that, after all, their rights are more important than innocent deaths due to gun shot, they have told us so.