Friday, September 5, 2008

Blog Hiatus - One Week

I'm going away tomorrow on family business which will take me to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It's not that I don't expect to find a good internet connection there, that's a joke because what we have to put up with here in Italy is awful, it's just that I expect to be busy with family and friends.

Please feel free to keep the commenting going on the other threads. God knows, we've certianly not exhausted them yet.

I leave you with this:


  1. Mike,

    Enjoy your time with your family and know that you will be on my thoughts and prayer while you travel.

  2. Have a great one!

    See you when you get back.

  3. Lots of good rental firing ranges in Vegas.

    Not sure how much gun handling you've done, but I'd say if you had ANY interest you'll be much better off In Nevada than ANYWHERE in Europe.

    Fair winds and following seas, my friend!

    Don't kill yourself attempting to blog while busy. Relax, we'll be here when you get back.

  4. uhhuh, lots of desert where you can do no harm !! Gun handling i mean
    have a great time and be safe

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  6. What's with the Ted Nugget posting? Not sure if I missed something in the musical lyrics, but I would not even endorse this has been rocker pro republican, brain dead political activist in any shape or form.

  7. While you are on hiatus, one more example of why anybody that can't behave properly in a free society should be serving a custodial sentence in the prison or nut ward of their choice, if not executed.



    Thought of you, Mike. And your lovely UK readers.

    Is it ok to chalk this experiment up as a loss yet?

  9. Thanks for the comments and the good wishes. I'm still in LA, going to the airport tomorrow. The trip was just that, A TRIP. Every time I come here I realize I'm less American, but I enjoy the differences more. One thing made me think of this blog and especially Weer'd's comment about shooting ranges in Vegas was, on the drive in from Los Angeles, I was in a diner and found an advertising flier inviting people to a shooting range where you can rent automatic weapons. There was a picture of some kind of super-looking uzi or something. It made me laugh. On the news I saw that hammer-wielding kook that Thomas linked us to. I guess I could write a whole blog post about him. But I suspect by the time I get back on line there'll be no shortage of material. Maybe we can work on the UK problems for a while.

  10. Welcome almost back:

    As to fixing the UK, I'd suggest removing the restrictions on self-defensive behavior and tools and bring back the gallows and stocks, flogging perhaps...

    The UK needs to be whipped back into shape like the world leader it once was. =]

    Safe flying.

  11. More grist for mike's brainmill when he gets home.

  12. Are you saying you Didn't go full auto this week,Mike?

    Say it ain't so!!!

  13. I bet he didn't because "guns are scary more than neat". :-)

    He was likely also with gun-controller sort friends/family. Just a guess on my part.

    My family never goes to "machine gun night" at the range with me, hell they've only been with me once at all to the range...because I was competing.