Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Sad Story of Jose Ernesto Medellin

One of the most popular posts on the old Word Press Blog was this one about Jose Ernesto Medellin. I've retained the same title, which I thought was cleverly ambiguous. Although I often write about the rights of convicted murderers, I'm quite aware of the victims' tragic stories as well.

This comment from Jessica came in today, which made me think about the revenge aspect of capital punishment and incarceration. It suddenly struck me that Jessica, as justified as she thinks she is, sounds oddly similar to the criminal she's raging about. Isn't it a contradiction to say that his fury and rage towards those girls was wrong but our fury and rage towards him is all right? This is a good illustration of exactly what I find objectionable with the death penalty. What do you think about it?

Like the comment below states; if it was your loved ones lying in bushes with maggots covering their face and genitals, their faces unrecognizable, smashes in by the steel toed boot of the same demon possessed killer that just got through taking her viginity by rape on train tracks, on the same tracks they drug them up and down, up and down by their feet, after jumping up and down on their throats and faces. This land we live in is a wonderful land made by the people WE OURSELVES elect. Once we elect these officials, IT IS OUR CIVIL DUTY TO SUPPORT those officials and what they do for our country. The death penalty has been around for centuries. If in fact the God we trust in has beef with our capital punishments, I do believe it would not still be here in this century. And to be honest, this 'poor poor' boy GOT MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT THE GIRLS GOT! I can only hope he GOT IT in prison like he gave her years ago, and I'm not talking about the beating, I am obviously referring to the gang rape! And I can only hope that he gets it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again in the after life! I believe Satan will reward with an eternity of sodomy!, for such work he did for his master.

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