Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do You Twitter?

I've been hearing about Twitter for a couple months now. Finally I decided to look into it and after reading this article, signed up.

Bye-bye blogs: The net's cool kids are all on Twitter now -- and they use it for everything.

I never really wanted to be one of the "cool kids," at least not for the last thirty years or so, but this thing really is cool. For starters, it's the simplest sign-up procedure I've ever done on the internet. How it might fit in with blogging remains to be seen; although I find many blogs too lengthy for my rather limited attention span, the 140 character limit on Twitter seems a bit extreme. Maybe the two, blogging and twittering can go together.

Do any of you have experience with Twitter?


  1. Personally I've never read anything on twitter that was worth reading.

    I read blogs to find new thoughts, ideas, and have discussions.

    None are compatable with twitter.

  2. i don't use twitter, but i've only ever seen it be useful in one single situation --- an online serial novelist (a person who's writing a few thousand words a day for the specific purpose of keeping their tip jar full) posting updates about the progress of the daily installment, when to expect it up, whether it'll be delayed, and so forth.

    far as i can tell, just about every other thing people use twitter for is a waste of time and typing. nonsense they could either leave unsaid, or would be better advised to type up a real blog post about.

  3. I don't twitter. Every time I have read other folks' twitter it is just daily, tedious nonsense.

    Seems to me it is a way for bored people to bore other bored people.

  4. You guys are probably right, although that criticism is similar to what they used to say about blogging a few years ago. One thing about Twitter that sounded good is receiving breaking news even before it hits the main stream. And maybe in the using of it, other cool aspects will surface.


    My thoughts on Twitter and others

  6. You know what the wise one says...Someone out there needs you. Life your life so they can find you. Hooray for Twitter.