Friday, October 31, 2008

Is There Fear of a Black President?

The Mother Jones site ran a very interesting story yesterday written by James Ridgeway about the reaction some white folks are having to the ever-increasing prospect of a black president.

The prospect of an African American president is bringing the nation's white supremacists out of the shadows—and, along with them, some subtler versions of racialist populism. Both hearken back to another economically and socially turbulent time in the United States, in the early 1980s.

On the official David Duke website, the election of Barack Obama is referred to as a "wakeup call." Is that some kind of code word that the true extremists recognize? It's a frightening prospect to think that there may be a powder keg of of racial hatred just waiting to be ignited.

On Huffington Post, the article called Five Reasons Why the Obama Infomercial was Worth the Cost seems to smooth the waters a bit.

Let's be honest: the Obama infomercial was about comforting white Americans -- especially middle and working class white Americans. That said, it was arguably necessary and -- for what it was -- very effective.

Although only time will tell, it appears that the Obama infomercial accomplished exactly what it needed to do: soothing skittish white undecided voters without alienating current supporters.

What do you think? Is this a problem? Is there any possibility that small bands of fanatics armed with well-read copies of The Turner Diaries will rise up and wreak havoc?


  1. I don't fear a black president. I fear a black Supremicist president.

    Also I'm not a huge fan of socalism and gun control.

    Those are my fears.

  2. i think its a very real fear that many ignornant people have..... obama, if elected, will really have to take precautions from these nurjobs..

  3. I think you're right, Slyde. I'll bet the Secret Service is worried about it too.

  4. I think the Secret Service is worried because their are some nuts out there who only see skin color.

    Are there more folks voting for Obama only because he is black then there are who will vote against him? I don't know but I've heard several conversations giving just that reason.

    I don't think we will ever get rid of intolerance completely.

    As far as me being afraid of a black president, let's hear Conolezza Rice's positions or even Colin Powell's. I think had one of those two ran, it would be a landslide election

  5. I have no fear of there being a black president. Our country has a long tradition of moving beyond our past wrongs and creating opportunity for everyone.

    Having said that I do not feel that Mr. Obama is the right man for this period of time in our history.

    I do not believe the question about fear of Mr. Obama's race is the right one to ask. The real question is does the direction he wants to lead the nation the one we are comfortable with.

    Racial hatred is not found only in the white man but in all colors of skin. It is a character flaw not a color flaw. Just go to a day care center and watch the 2-4 year old children of all colors play together. The hatred of the adults has not filtered into their minds yet.

  6. Pastor Lars, Thanks for commenting. I wonder what you mean by the direction Obama wants to take the nation is not one you're comfortable with. Could you elaborate?