Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Las Vegas - Road Rage or a Hit

The Las Vegas Sun reported on an incident which happened the other day.

A motorist stuck in traffic Tuesday morning in the central Las Vegas Valley exited his vehicle and fatally shot another driver also waiting in traffic, police said.

At first it appears to be an obvious case of the old road rage. But as the story unfolds, one has to wonder.

According to a witness on the scene, police said, the victim was in his vehicle waiting to go west on Owens when a man who was also in traffic left a white Nissan and walked up to the vehicle, then shot the victim multiple times. Police said the gunman calmly walked back to his vehicle and left the scene, making a U-turn eastbound on Owens.

That part about "calmly walked back to his vehicle," makes me think. Maybe I'm watching too many gangster movies, but I can't help but wonder if the guy wasn't a hit man following his quarry and calmly blowing him away at a red light.

No, it was probably road rage and just another example of the evil inanimate object causing harm all by itself.

What do you think road rage or a hit? Do you think there are too many guns out there or not enough? Should the victim have been armed himself for protection, or maybe the other witnesses?

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  1. I highly doubt it was a hit.

    As far as others being lawfully armed (I'd put money that this creep was not carrying legally) well in this instance only the Police were armed, and they have the car number, description, and the vehicle is distinctive, and yet the crime wasn't stopped, nor is anybody in custody.

    That's working out well, isn't it?

  2. Road Rage or a Hit?
    One vote for a HIT!

    Would it have made a difference if the victim had been legally armed?
    Uhh, if the victim was legally armed and had an inkling of what was about to occur and a chance of reacting "while stuck in traffic" the ensuing events would have been a whole lot messier, to say the least.

    I have to check out the contents of this blog...I have a lot of Italian friends, but they all live in New York.

  3. Story says nothing about either driver having any altercation or one being cut off by the other. I call hit or sociopath who just felt like shooting somebody. Doesn't compute as road rage.

    A hit was recently committed in a similar manner in SF, California.

    I tried to google the story but google comes up with too many SF highway related gang hits to bother. Was sometimes over the summer. Three killed as I recall by a man that jumped out of the passenger side of a SUV, ran over to the other vehicle, shot everybody in it twice, and ran back to the SUV, which made a u-turn back to the last freeway exit and exited.

  4. For What it's worth, Martin Luther King and Owens makes it likely a hit in and of itself.

  5. Amended Vegas advertising slogan:

    What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, (What happens in North Vegas makes the homicidal drug gang news...It's like our own little South Central LA or Watts).


  6. Hit or sociopath, says Tom. And considering his knowledge of the streets of Las Vegas, I must agree.

    Microdot, thanks for commenting.