Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow in Las Vegas

CNN reports on a rare snow storm that hit Las Vegas. It reminds me of a day in about 1978, perhaps the last time it snowed there which the article refers to. I was playing cards during the afternoon in a small casino on the Strip. There was a window facing the street through which fluffy snowfall could be seen, white and beautiful. As the afternoon passed, and my chips slowly disappeared, the snow lent a dream-like effect to the scene. Driving home in the early evening I saw groups of adults, threes and fours of them, out playing in the snow like children. There were snowball fights, people running and sliding on the sidewalks. Some must have been transplants from the Northeast reliving their childhood. Others were natives who'd never seen snow in their lives. A rich memory it is.

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  1. The snow in Vegas reminds me of living in Turkey as a child. We lived on Incirlik Air Force base.

    Hadn't snowed in a dozen years or more at Christmas the year we lived there. My mother had to go to another base for a minor surgery, it was snowing there and she promised to send some our way.

    To everyone's surprise, we awoke on Christmas Day to find it snowing. Kinda made it okay that she wasn't there.

    I think there is a little magic in snow that reminds us all to stop and be kids again