Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miguel Roman Freed

The Hartford Courant reports on the release from prison of Miquel Roman. I spotted the story, which we've discussed before, only by reading Sarah's wonderful site. Why would this not be a major headline in the main stream press? Some of our gun enthusiast friends accuse the press of being biased against them, of suppressing defensive gun stories and the like. Is this the same thing? Do the major outlets of news shun stories which work against the criminal justice system?

Earlier this year, Innocence Project lawyers asked that DNA evidence used against Roman be retested. The retesting, with new technology, appears to have exonerated Roman and pointed to another man, Pedro Miranda, 51, who was charged on Dec. 5 with killing Lopez and two other teenage girls from Hartford in the 1980s. Miranda's DNA had been stored in a state database as a result of his convictions on felonies for sexual violence against women.

What could be a more fascinating lead story than that?

What's your opinion?


  1. Apropos of nothing story related:

    Considering I think you a pacifist lunatic, you are actually more polite than the firearms bloggers that seem to have formed an IRC channel so they can circle jerk.

    I may have suggested you ride a Spanish Donkey to your death for crimes against humanity, but you never said anything but that you hoped I wouldn't stop posting because it amuses us both.

    That puts you head and shoulders above a "gun blogger" chat room I visited on a whim. they got all pissy pantsed when I suggested that if the laws are unjust you shouldn't obey them and they kicked me for speaking out. I reckon that a bit paranoid on their part. Perhaps they have something to hide and I should contact my Federal agent acquaintances to monitor their board?

    Was sort of like if Negros had dogpiled Rosa Parks for not moving seats.

    You have better manners than many gun bloggers, as was just evidenced, even if you have no rational conception of the validity of the citizen's rights to arms.


  2. The Rosa Parks line cracked me up. And, thanks for the compliments.