Friday, February 13, 2009

Le Vent Nous Portera by Noir Desir

This intriguing video was aired frequently on Italian MTV a year or so ago. Microdot will have to confirm what the message is. I say "all things shall pass" or something about the transience of things. But, like many music videos, the song lyrics and the video images might leave us with many unanswered questions.

What do you think? Haunting? Enigmatic? Cool?


  1. Très intéressant! C'était la Bible au début de la vidéo ?

  2. Wow, Noir incredible band.
    They stood up to their own record company and trashed the multinational corporate CEO to his face live on French television when they were recieving the equivalent of the French Grammy awards....
    The CEO, Jean-Marie Messier of Vivendi went down in flames in a corporate stock manipulation scandal a few months later.
    The story of Noir Desir turned tragic. They were perhaps the biggest alternative rock, and the most eloquent band of the late 90's.
    The lead singer, Bertrand Cantat who was the writer of much of the lyrics was linked romantically with the actress Marie Tringantat who was in Latvia making a life of Collette telefilm directed by her mother....
    He visited her on the set and during his stay, something awful happened...drinkng and a tragic accident and Marie died.
    Bertrand spent the next 6 years in a Latvian prison. He was released last year and was allowed to come back to France and Noir Desir has reunited.

    The title of the song translates:
    The Wind Will Carry Us Away

    very cool song by one of France's coolest ever groups.

    I haven't been on line very much as we are experiencing intermittant power outages here!
    Last night we had only the fire place, candles and my yachtboy multi band radio....
    If the power goes out again for a long time tonight, the neighbors are coming over for candlelight monopoly....

  3. Micro, Thanks for that background. I knew you'd have something good to add.

    What about that book in the beginning? What do you think?

  4. Well, without going into a real translation of the lyrics, yes, I do think the bible or some such book is intended.
    Serendipity at work...I had to go to the big town (Terrasson) this morning to visit the hardware store to buy chainsaw lube and a few other items and what song was playing in the store when I walked in?