Monday, February 9, 2009

William Shatner on Guns

I will never forgive my pro gun friends for not tipping me off to this fantastic clip. You must have seen it. I've been a William Shatner fan for 40 years. (H/T Uncommonsqualor)


  1. Mike, I am still reeling from the Shatner collaboration with Joe Jackson and Ben Folds...Has Been...
    If you have never heard any of this, you must!
    Their version of the Pulp song, Common People is one of the most brilliant things I have ever heard.
    Shatner truly redeems himself from his demented 60's pop poetry period.

    I still love to listen to this in the car.

  2. Was on my Blog, you must have just missed it.

    Also FYI shooting somebody who has a gun in the knee is a great invitation for him to shoot you in something more vital.

    Still it IS a neat scene and shows some interesting tactical scenarios. Shatner handed over his wallet and watch, the thug was watching the loot not Shatner giving him time and opportunity to draw and fire.

  3. Captain Kirk for president:

  4. i dont watch that show, but my god that clip was outstanding!

  5. Thanks Micro. I just watched that video. Fantastic.