Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More about Phelps

The Las Vegas Sun reported yesterday what probably wouldn't make the national news. Michael was scheduled to speak at an IBM convention, but cancelled the appearance himself. The saga continues.
Olympic medalist Michael Phelps, who has been embroiled in scandal following the emergence of photos showing him taking rips off a bong at a college party, backed out of a scheduled appearance at IBM Pulse 2009 today in Las Vegas. According to a CNET blog, IBM hired Phelps as a keynote speaker. The company had decided to stick with Phelps as previously scheduled. However, according to the post, Phelps called last night to cancel, saying he was, "going through a tough time."

In the referenced CNET article, the author takes a strongly critical attitude towards Michael. He says IBM stood by the beleaguered swimmer and in return Phelps handled it very badly: "By kicking IBM in the teeth at the eleventh hour."

What do you think? Could Michael Phelps, the man of steel who had the strength not to waver even in that race he won by one hundredth of a second, could that Michael Phelps be suffering from all this business?

Does anyone agree with the Jon Oltsik when he said Michael demonstrated "juvenile and embarrassing behaviour?" Is he right to say that IBM "stuck by" Michael as if they were the only ones?

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  1. The human brain does not stop developing until the age of 25 so Michael should be given some slack in regards to the pot decision. No one is perfect. But the decision by Phelps not to honor his commitment is demonstrating poor judgment. But let us also remember that Phelps is also being advised by several different people ranging from his parents, agent, and yes, his lawyers.

  2. I have just finished reading a piece on Phelps and it did not refer to this instance, but it spoke of the pressure he is under and how he is handling it and his decision to keep on competing. In other words, expect to see him at the 2012 Olympics.
    Meanwhile, the sheriff on his community has made it his personal crusade to make sure that Phelps and his friends are brought to justice.
    Over the week end, the owner of the bong in question was arrested and 7 of his friends for being photographed at the same party.
    The bong owner stupidly tried to sell the bong for 25,000 bucks on eBay!
    The sheriff is being criticized for his over zealous tactics which seem to be grandstanding to a national audience. I think the idiot who tried to sell the bong is the only one who could be prosecuted as he was in possesion of the residue coated object.
    Phelps in the article taked of the pressures of this incident and going from an athlete committed to a sport to having to be a public person. He was good natured and pretty intelligent and has taken it all in stride.
    Meanwhile, a nation of angry pot activcists are going to boycott the Kellog Corporatiuon, I do not think Kellogs fully realizes the implications.....

  3. I really don't get why this has such legs.

    Phelps is a peice of meat. He's famous becuase he swims REALLY FUCKING FAST.

    That's IT. He hasn't invented an alternative fuel, he isn't running for public office, he didn't win the national spelling bee.

    He swims fast...and smokes a little pot. Why suddenly are we getting bent out of shape out of a speaking engagement.

    Athelets and Actors should only be role models if one has decided to become an athlete or an actor.

    My role model growing up was Jaques Costeau. Why? Because I wanted to be a Marine Biologist and Scuba Diver.

    Nobody else cared because that wasn't what they wanted to be. That's fine.

    But suddenly now the world is looking at a kid who swims fast like he's suddenly going to find a cure for cancer if he can set the bong down??

  4. Weer'd,

    I think it grew legs because so many in the world can't stand to see others succeed.

    The despicable trait of pulling down those who do admirable things is fed by a news media that runs 24 hours and by people who have have little self worth.

    I don't think this is a political philosophy issue or a religious issue or a legal issue.

    It is simply people not willing to raise themselves up so they tear down all that makes them feel inadequate.

  5. Yes, Iconoclasm. I'm with you Bob.

    Micro, Thanks for the e-bay story.

    Prince, Thanks for this, "let us also remember that Phelps is also being advised by several different people ranging from his parents, agent, and yes, his lawyers."