Friday, December 4, 2009

Angry Men With Guns

Man With the Muck-Rake wrote an interesting post about angry men with guns. I liked very much the last paragraph.

Angry men with guns, men who are psychotically fascinated with the stockpiling armaments ‘just in case.’ Just in case. Just in case they don’t get their way- like in their developmental years when self-control and socialization skills were supposed to be learned. When they were supposed to learn how to live well within society, not on the angry outskirts of it.

What's your opinion? Do you think this is a fair description of some gun owners? How many would you say can be described like this, what percentage I mean?

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  1. He sounds like a bigoted, frothing at the mouth nutjob to me.

    Basically he's your typical crazy ass anti-gunner using ridicule, hyperbole and fearmongering to attack gun owners because he can't do so using facts and a rational argument.

    It's also a classic case of psychological projection.

  2. Actually if you change the word "gun" to "blog" it sounds like Muddy is talking about himself.

  3. Your comment over there is quite telling...

    "Muddy, You’re surely right about the angry men with guns. Anybody who’s visited my blog can tell you that.

    I think I’ll link to this one just to piss them off."

    In other words, you have the stated goal of invoking anger in us so that you can justify your premise.

    Personally, anyone who doesn't get a bit riled up about politicos messing with their Rights should have their head examined.

  4. Sounds like the typical baseless psycho babble not unlike that of most well degreed idiots.

  5. check this out.

  6. Thanks for that great story about the compassionate shop owner.

  7. I love the movie 12 Angry Men. The way Henry Fonda convinces the other jury members 1 by 1 that the boy could be innocent is outstanding, and it ranks among the best movies Ive ever seen.

  8. Rakeback, Thanks for that good connection: "Angry men with guns" and "12 Angry Men." I agree about the film.