Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get Out of Afghanistan Now

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  1. All of that could have been summed up in the same way one of Bush's detractors put it: "Pull out, like your daddy should have."

  2. I don't know much about this, but...

    Until watching Olbermann, I had not seen McChrystal attacked the way that Petreus was attacked ("General Betray Us").

    Has McChrystal been found responsible for the Pat Tillman coverup? If so, why is McChrystal still in charge of anything? Or is this about McChrystal being in the chain of command but not knowing that subordinates lied?

    If McChrystal was in the chain of command but did not know that subordinates lied about Tillman, does that mean that McChrystal is lying when he briefs the President?

    And is McChrystal saying something different than other commanders? Or are all of our military commanders lying to the President?

  3. My new official position on President Obama: Another puppet dancing to the tune of the Military Industrial Complex. I've been resisting saying it, but I find his presidency very disappointing.