Friday, December 4, 2009

Meteorite Count Rises

News Talk 610 CKTB reports.

Back on September 25th, a fireball blazed across the sky in southern Ontario. Astronomers from The University of Western Ontario suspected a meteorite touched down somewhere in the Grimsby area.

Another clue that something from outer space had indeed landed came from a family who noticed that the windshield of their SUV had been smashed. They called in investigators from the university, who directed search efforts.

So far, 13 specimens from outer space have been found. Phil McCausland from the university suspects there are more to be discovered, as well.

Do you still think DGUs are more commonplace than meteorite strikes?

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  1. Considering that you've found 2 such instances in weeks and I can point to at a minimum several news reports of DGU's per day without even trying to look for them....

    Yeah, DGU's are more common. What's new, you're wrong as usual MikeB.

  2. "Do you still think DGUs are more commonplace than meteorite strikes?"

    Come on man, you're not even trying anymore.