Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dallas-Area Mayor, Daughter Found Shot

Murder-suicide suspected.


  1. What Jade, no claims that they were NRA members and CCW holders? No dick jokes?

    That is so unlike you not to use something tragic like this to spread your nonsense.

  2. FWM: CCW holder--mark my words.

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  4. Marked. Was there any penis compensation going on as well?

  5. Sorry Jade.

    The gun was borrowed, so very unlikely the mayor held a CCW. She even was anti-gun:

    > According to her close friend and former Coppell Mayor Doug Stover, any interest in guns was uncharacteristic for the woman he knew.

    > “She had always exhibited strong opposition to anything gun-related,” Stover said. “She didn’t like anyone shooting anything. She didn’t like hunting, or any recreational shooting.”

    > He described Peters as an advocate for anti-gun legislation.

    > Stover said Peters was against a city ordinance amendment that allowed BB guns to be fired within a person’s own property. The ordinance was amended in April 1999 when both Stover and Peters were members of the City Council.

  6. Regardless of whether she had a concealed carry permit, gun availability played its sinister part in this tragedy.

    FWM, thanks for another example of how the pro-gun guys are often the ones who bring up the dick jokes.