Sunday, July 11, 2010

Join the American Rifle Association

I'm starting a new organization, and I'm inviting all African Americans to join. It will be called the American Rifle Association. Yes, it will be an organization for all blacks who love guns and all those opposed to gun control. (And of course, to avoid any accusations of discrimination, the organization will be open to people of all races who want to hang out with a lot of African Americans who carry guns.)

As they say, read the whole thing. I was particularly struck that the activist and comedian, Dick Gregory recognized the nature of the NRA back in the 1960s:
Now, I remember comedian Dick Gregory suggesting in the 1960s that the only way to get gun control in America was to start forming NRA chapters in the ghetto.


  1. I personally saw over 7,000 NRA members at an arena in Charlotte, NC this year stand and cheer when a man ,that just happened to be black, spoke on stage.

    I know Jade: "myth, urban legend, didn't happen", and they all had small penises too.

  2. FWM: Was that before or after the cross-burning?

  3. Race baiting has been a gun controller tool for a long time and much like their other tools, it is broken and ineffective.