Monday, October 10, 2011

San Jose's Finest - Quick on the Draw

Mercury News reports

San Jose police responded to a separate incident in which a Santa Clara County sheriff's deputy fired at a man who allegedly was driving a stolen car. He was not injured.

According to Sgt. Jason Dwyer, the deputy spotted the man behaving suspiciously on Park Street between Montgomery and Sunol streets. As the deputy approached, his dispatcher reported that the car the man was standing next to was stolen.

"He then began to treat the situation as high-risk and drew his firearm," Dwyer said.

When the man made a movement that the deputy believed was threatening, he fired several rounds at the man but didn't hit him, Dwyer said.

 The man then ran away and hopped fences until he came to the San Jose Fire Department training center on Montgomery Street. Officers located him hiding in one of the buildings and took him into custody.

How many mistakes is one cop allowed? I suppose there's no limit, especially if nobody gets shot or killed. Fortunately one of this cop's failings was his marksmanship.

What's your opinion? Is that a little quick on the draw? Is that a little trigger-happy on the shooting?

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  1. Maybe the officer is aware that murders are up in San Jose as you noted in the post below this one.