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Aurora, Colorado Mass Shooting - Update 5

The gunman's fancy drum-style magazine apparently jammed; had it not, it is likely the numbers of dead and wounded would be much higher.

There appears to have been a pause in the shooting where the gunman either reloaded, and/or switched weapons because of the jammed magazine.

The gunman MAY have received a phone call before leaving the theater to armor up and get his weapons from his vehicle, after the other movie trailers finished playing.

This has led to speculation by the conspiracy theorist wackos on the right to make all kinds of crazy speculations, which of course they represent as fact.  These speculations have included asserting there were multiple shooters (not true) or that the shooter had an accomplice (so far, also appears to be untrue).

What IS true is that the investigators, in order to research as much background to this slaughter, investigators have spoken with every member of his student program.  The exception so far is one appears to be one student who is overseas, in Asia, who has been there for a number of weeks, according to the student's landlord.

It appears that the shooter (alleged) had died his hair the odd not-found-in-nature color for a period of time significantly before the event, and had tried on-line dating (supposedly unsuccessfully).  The absence of a love life is one more element that appears to be in common with Anders Breivik, the mass shooter in Norway who appeared to be a failure at having a normal, active love life.

And then we have the right wing nut conspiracy crazies who must have an over-sized, bulging, deformed, extra-large-potato-sized primitive brain bits, mostly their emotion center amygdalas, and fecal brown matter of the variety referred to colloquially as pudding poop where their cerebral gray matter should be.

I can think of nothing more disrespectful, more egregiously obscene and exploitive than the distortions and contortions of the real events made by some of the far right wing gun nuts and generally tin hat crowd that have tried to make the mass shooting into something it very much is not.
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These are the same people who actually think crass self-promoters like Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann or hate-mongering bigot Pam Geller make real sense.  Clearly, to the reality based world, they don't; to the reality based world, they are grossly factually challenged and morally bankrupt.

An example of the kind of stupidity that is being attached to this tragedy, here are a couple of examples from the extreme right unraveled fringies:
Is it just me?  Or is everyone just as frustrated by the lies coming out of the mouths of the talking heads in our Jewish controlled media pertaining to the circumstances behind the latest shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado? Personally, I am sick and tired of having these idiots continue to steer people away from the truths and instead filling their minds with absolute garbage and falsehoods.
....  We have heard from witnesses on how this man went on a rampage after receiving a mysterious phone call ( To switch on the MK Ultra agent's kill mode?) and then right after the shootings calmly (?) surrender himself to the police like as if nothing had happened... I have seen many stories over the alternative news about how MK Ultra victims have their minds switched on and off into different modes of opertion, and this latest incident shows all the earmarks of being exactly that! A good example is again how Anders Brievik had supposedly received a call from his Swedish Mossad handler just before he went on his "rampage"... A call to switch "on" Brievik's kill mode?
And.. We see the talking heads in the almost laughable MSM continue to preach that this was a "lone gunman".... Without even talking about HOW Holmes was able to go out an Emergency Exit without setting off the automatic alarm that is generated when an Emergency Exit is usually tripped... Or the fact that his armor, and guns, were conveniently right outside that Emergency Exit door (?)... Or the fact that SOMEBODY had to let him back into the theater through this Emergency Exit door after he changed into his shooting gear (!)... What we have here is most definitely an accomplice to this crime, pure and simple... But tell that to the fools at the MSM, and all we get is them denying it, and instead sticking to their scripts....
It does not take rocket science to understand that the shootings in Aurora could not have been timed more perfectly... The criminals in the US government are going to sign the UN treaty on gun control this coming Friday, July 27th, and they are desperate to have the American public come on board with the insane idea of surrendering their guns. The psychological effect of having 12 people killed by a "crazed gunman" could be enough to convince gullible Americans that something has to be done about guns in America by pushing forward legislation that would ban guns, and therefore destroy the 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.

These are the same fools who don't believe we landed on the moon:

Last Friday, July 20th, was the 43rd anniversary of the fraudulent Apollo 11 "landing on the moon" mission. It is so ridiculous today that people still believe that massive lie and swindle concocted by the US Government and their NASA organization. The facts speak for themselves... Man cannot venture beyond low Earth orbit with even today's technology, unless he is able to come up with a solution for the extremely high and deadly radiation levels within the Van Allen radiation belts... I have been pelted on and off by commentators that claim that Dr. James Van Allen, had to take back his original estimates of the strength of that barrier which he reported back in the late 50's, and to say before his death in 2006 that he was "mistaken" and the dangers of the belts were not there....I can tell you that of course he had to take back his original findings, because he and his family were obviously threatened by the criminals in NASA if he did not! I only need to turn to the Russian findings about the dangers of the belts (Russia was of course not sitting idly by, and doing their own measurements of the VA belt radiation levels) which were reported by Dr. EE Kovalev of the Russian space medicine firm back in 1983 which not only supported Van Allen's original estimates, but showed that the levels of high radiation were actually much much worse than Van Allen's own 1950's readings!.... It is very strange that few people have actually ever heard of the Van Allen Radiation belts at all, and the fact that no manned space craft before or after Apollo has ever ventured off into space beyond low Earth orbit. This makes Project Apollo an "anomaly" indeed.... People should be asking the real hard question: If it was so easy to go to the moon with antiquated technology of the 1960's, then why have we not gone back since, and especially with the superior technologies of today? And to the naysayers, don't give me the crap about "We did it once before, and therefore there is no reason to return". To me, that is a copout, and nothing more than an excuse to cover for the inconsistencies of of the fraud of the entire Project Apollo.

and this, from another right wing wrong-brained conspiracy theory gun nut -- again about the Aurora, Colorado shooting:


When will enough be enough??
Does it not seem highly unlikely that the murder spree in Aurora, CO. would not have happened if the government were not about to sign the upcoming U.N. Gun Treaty on July 27th, which is only seven days away? Furthermore, it is also quite ironic that the tragic shooting at Columbine School happened 13 years ago and is only 13 miles away from Aurora. Numerology has powerful meaning for the satanic criminal elite so you can bet that there is great significance in these particular numbers.

No doubt this was a planned false-flag psyop by C.I.A. spooks or some other nefarious group within the U.S. government. Nothing about it rings coincidental or happen-stance.

According to CNN reports, suspiciously, the shooter received a phone call right before he pitched a gas canister into the theater full of patrons at a midnight showing of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. That smacks of an MK-Ultra tactic. I think it more than possible that the perpetrator was a sleeper agent, and at just the specific moment he was activated by the phone call in order to carry out this murderous deed. He may also have no memory of the heinous act.
Shame on these people, SHAME on them.  The right wing fringies, like these, are embarrassments to the rest of us.  They are not crazy, they are simply stupid, representing the worst of us, representing those who would push for lethal violence no matter how dishonest, how stupid, how delusional.  These are the core fanatics of the NRA.  Gun nuts should be ashamed of their fellow fetishists.

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