Sunday, July 22, 2012

School Shootings--A New Thing?

Not in the good old USA, I just found this interesting page: History of School Shootings in the United States.

It seems that School Shootings have been happening in the USA back when it was a former colony. The earliest known United States shooting to happen on school property was the Pontiac's Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764, where four Lenape American Indian entered the schoolhouse near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania, shot and killed schoolmaster Enoch Brown, and killed nine or ten children (reports vary). Only two children survived.

Anyway, there is a long list of School Shootings in the US.

Maybe the Second Amendment is about private ownership of firearms--after all, having mass shootings is what makes the USA so great!

Don't forget this page as well

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  1. No wonder how come bein' a fuckin' moron wit teh gunz is considered basic to MurKKKirstianity.