Monday, September 3, 2012

Mass Shooting at Florida Sweet Sixteen Party - 2 Dead 6 Wounded

Local news reports with video

Officials said gunshots rang out at a Sweet 16 birthday party after 11 p.m. in the 100 block of East 13th Street.

One victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the second died at a hospital, WPBF reported. 

"A lot of people screaming ... A lot of kids were standing around. There were kids on the floor, some saying they didn't do anything, saying they were just in their car with some of their friends."
If it's gang related, can it still count as a mass shooting? This is definitely one in which the shooter was not concerned with the gun-free-zone status of the location but only with his grievance.

That's usually the case.

Why do the pro-gun folks keep trying to blame the gun free zone? Sometimes they actually say mass shootings ONLY happen at gun free zones, the implication being that shooters choose them for the target-rich environment.

Nonsense.  Mass shooters do not choose their location based on anything but their anger and rage.  Sometimes it's a school that happens to be a gun free zone, other times it's a sweet sixteen party that is not.

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  1. The brother of one of the victims believes that this was an attack by a rival gang. You are correct that gangs don't care whether the area of a gun-free zone or not. I didn't see anything to indicate one way or the other in the report, but these were sixteen-year-old children, no? They're not permitted to carry firearms with being supervised. In that way, it was a gun-free zone.

  2. " This is definitely one in which the shooter was not concerned with the gun-free-zone status of the location but only with his grievance.

    That's usually the case."
    Ergo, gun-free zones do not work as advertised. Ergo, they are an unnecessary infringement upon the liberties of law-abiding citizens. Ergo, they should be done-away with. Q.E.D.


    1. What about prisons. Are you opposed to their being gun free zones too?

      You're wrong about the purpose of gun free zones. They don't propose to stop spree shootings. On college campuses for example, they allow the professor/student relationship to work without the tacit threat of a gun. In the post office and other similar places, they prevent irate customers and workers from having immediate access to guns.

      So, you see Moon, you got this one all wrong.

    2. Not really, no. Gun-free zones protect you from that segment of the population which is sociopathic enough to commit murder over petty differences, yet rational enough to obey the law. In short, nobody.

      So you see, Michael, you got this one all wrong. Again. Still.


  3. If the shooter had a grievance with someone at the party, then it is a multiple shooting, not mass.

    If it was a drive by gang style shooting where the shooters did not know anyone there or did not have a problem with them other than they were just someone to shoot at, then it would be a mass shooting.

    Either way, it fits as a gun free zone in my book. And the shooter needs to face a firing squad.