Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lawful Michigan Gun Owner Thought the Gun was Unloaded - Shoots Friend

Local news reports

Montcalm County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating after a man was shot in the leg with a .45 caliber handgun.

Deputies say the eighteen year old Carson City man, along with a twenty-three year old Carson City man, were disassembling their weapons in a Crystal Township home Saturday evening. That’s when the twenty-three year old thought he unloaded his handgun and while attempting to disassemble the weapon it discharged shooting the victim in the leg.

Sheriff’s deputies continue to investigate this case and the prosecutor’s office will review to determine if any charges will be issued.
Does anyone really believe this young man is qualified to own guns? Why do gun-rights fanatics not want to hold their own to the simple standard of adherence to the Four Rules of Gun Safety? Why do they always make excuses for each other?

One strike you're out.

What's your opinion?

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