Thursday, January 2, 2014

Arizona Woman Practicing Constitutional Carry in Las Vegas Loses It

A woman was charged with attempted murder in a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip that police say was related to road rage.
According to Las Vegas Metro police, Brittanie Merritt-Burwell, 21, was arrested on Monday in connection to the Dec. 23 shooting on Las Vegas Boulevard south of Harmon Drive.
In an arrest report, police said several witnesses saw a woman exit a white Chevy Impala and walk over to a vehicle's driver side. Witnesses told police the woman produced a handgun and shot at the driver inside the car.


  1. "Arizona Woman Practicing Constitutional Carry in Las Vegas Loses It "

    Vegas was in Nevada last time I checked. And Nevada requires a carry permit.

    "Youngblood, who refused to talk to police, was also booked on counts of harboring, concealing or aiding a felony offender; resisting a public officer with a deadly weapon; and carrying concealed weapon firearm."

    And lookie here, the police apparently checked and found out the guy didn't have a carry permit.

    1. That's exactly the problem with constitutional carry. Everybody's doing it.