Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More on the Women Love Guns Too Nonsense

Yahoo News reports

Armed Mommy, an anonymous, gun-toting, Denver conservative, has almost 47,000 fans on Facebook. She's been posting her own memes for just a year, developing #tcot clout in the process. Her schtick? She's a hot mom who's ready to shoot and kill anyone who tries to enter her home uninvited. In her cover photo, she's looking out towards the sunset with a toddler on her hip and what looks like an AR-15 slung over her shoulder.

But, guess what, those 47,000 fans are almost all men. What a joke.

Armed Mommy is doing her part to push the idea that ladies love rifles. But a NBC News/Wall Street Journalpoll released in April found that 65 percent of American women want stricter gun laws, compared to 44 percent of men. In September, a National Journal poll found that 71 percent of women think an assault weapons ban would help prevent mass shootings, compared to 44 percent of men. And according to Gallup polling from 2007 to 2012, only 15 percent of women own guns

And that 15% is almost all women who really live with gun-nut men, women who on their own would not own guns at all.

We covered this pretty well the other day.


  1. Normal people hate guns because they are dangerous. My Dad sold his gun when he was thirty-one years old when the family migrated to California in 1962,

    I understand that my son-in-law would like to buy a gun. He won't. He doesn't live in Oregon any more. We don't need guns in California.

    As far as women? Are you goddam kiddin' me? What the hell could possibly be wrong with a woman that she would feel the need to own a gun? ????? I'm not talking about prostitutes and gangster's molls.

    1. Flying Junior, you're normally smarter than that:

      1. Life is dangerous. You get involved with it or you sit on the sidelines.

      2. You don't need guns in California? So there's nothing to hunt there? No target shooting to do? And never any case where good citizens need to defend themselves?

      3. What could go wrong for a woman? Oh, let's see, a home invasion, an attempted rape a jealous ex, and the list goes on.

    2. With 33,000 gun shot deaths a year, what are we hunting, animals, or humans?
      Give you a hint: There are not 33,000 deer killed every year.
      Life is dangerous with gun loons killing innocent people all over the country. Some try to stop that, your side wants to see more killing.

    3. "There are not 33,000 deer killed every year."

      Deer Season By the Numbers
      •6.2 million: number of deer killed by hunters in 2008
      •30 million: number of deer estimated to exist in the United States
      •15: average number of days each deer hunter spends in the woods
      •132 million: total number of days all hunters spend in the woods each year
      •10.1 million: number of deer hunters in the United States

    4. more made up bullshit numbers from the coward

    5. "more made up bullshit numbers from the coward"

      How about some numbers from the Government Anon, In Minnesota, the Department of Natural Resources reported 188,000 deer were killed in 2012. That is for one of the fifty states.

    6. How about you shove it up your lying coward ass.

  2. Mikeb, please continue believing as you do. It helps my side win.

  3. " I'm not talking about prostitutes and gangster's molls."

    Gangster molls?

  4. It's not nice of you guys to attack Greg's sex symbol and his imaginary sex partner.