Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bill Maher Discusses the Dr. Vivek Murthy Nomination


  1. I think that it would be just peachy if more Democrats came out and voiced their belief that the Second Amendment should be repealed. Would make for a nice turnover in Congress.

  2. 1. The Democrats realize that Americans don't want gun control. Why you can't realize this is beyond me, but we're happy for you to continue being delusional.

    2. I have a lot of respect for Simon Schama, but he needs to comprehend our constitutional system. We protect rights here. Rights aren't up for a vote.

    3. It's a magazine, not a clip, and that matters. He uses the false term, showing how little he understands the issue. He calls it common sense. What he means that he supports banning major parts of gun ownership. Too bad, fool. We won't accept soft tyranny.

    4. Schama, no, there are are few nuts, but there are millions of good gun owners in this country. And yes, we're good at getting out the vote. That's not because we have more skills when it comes to organizing. It's because our side is right and our side supports rights.

    1. You're such a bullshitter, Greg. You say "millions" vs. "a few." That's so far from the reality that it's laughable.

      And clip is an acceptable synonym for magazine. Look it up and stop trying to be such a purist.

    2. Evidence and good usage support what I said. We all know you care nothing for either of those, Mikeb.

  3. Always fun to watch a push for political seppuku.

    Also funny to watch Ellison keep hammering on the AWB after Maher has just called it stupid and pointless.

  4. Maher owns a gun and has stated he would not give up that gun until everyone else gives up their guns. A sane position. That won't happen even if the second amendment is repealed, which will not happen.
    Repealing the second amendment would not make guns illegal, that would take a law that directly makes guns illegal. It would make laws against guns easier to pass and judges easier to come down hard on gun cases.
    Even if guns were made illegal, that won't make guns disappear, it will just make them more expensive and harder to get, like any illegal product, like drugs. It would create yet another criminal, very profitable business as prohibition did.
    Just as with drugs, it would be impossible to confiscate all guns in society, or stop the illegal trafficking in guns.