Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Michigan Man Dead in Supposed Accidental Shooting - Shooter Not Arrested

Police say 27 year old Nicole Rachell Mitchell of Traverse City made the call at about 11:30 pm.
Emergency responders arrived at the home on Black Bear Lane in Long Lake Township and located 29 year-old Roger Rex Howard, from Traverse City. Howard had a single gun shot wound to the upper chest. He received medical attention at the scene and was transported to Munson Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased.
According to police, Howard and Mitchell knew each other before the incident occurred. They say Howard had called Mitchell earlier in the evening and asked to come over. She went to his apartment in Garfield Township, picked him up and brought him to her house.
Police say after Howard arrived, the two got into an argument in the garage. According to police, Mitchell told Howard he was not welcome and demanded he leave. Mitchell stated she went inside her residence after the argument.
She also told police that she went upstairs to check on the three children in the house. Mitchell than heard Howard enter the residence and come upstairs. Mitchell stated she then went to the gun safe that was in the bedroom she was in and removed a semi-automatic pistol.
Mitchell states she did this because she was fearful that Howard was going to hurt her or the children.
She informed Deputies that upon entering the bedroom Howard stated that he would rather die than leave. Howard then reportedly walked toward her and grabbed the pistol.
Mitchell stated that she then heard the gun discharge and saw Howard walk out of the bedroom. She says howard walked into the hallway where he collapsed. She checked Howard and saw that he had been shot in the chest. Mitchell then called 911.
The Sheriff’s Office did not immediately make any arrests or make a determination if charges will be sought in the case.


  1. This is looking to be a messy case with it likely coming down to forensic evidence.

    "Howard and Mitchell recently rekindled a romantic relationship, Howard’s employer told the Record-Eagle. Mitchell told authorities she and Howard had some sort of altercation in the condominium’s garage and she asked him to leave.
    Howard entered the home anyway, and Mitchell pulled out a gun, authorities said. She told investigators Howard grabbed the gun and it discharged and hit Howard in the chest."

  2. She "heard" the gun go off? She didn't remember pulling the trigger?
    Given the facts stated in this report, she was not wrong in pulling the trigger.