Thursday, March 19, 2015

Arizona Shooting Spree - 1 Dead, Several Wounded, 1 Arrested

Ryan Giroux

Local news 

An ex-convict with a history of violence and drug use is accused of gunning down a man in a Mesa motel Wednesday morning, then going on a shooting spree that left five others, including a culinary student, injured.

A Mesa SWAT team took Ryan Giroux, 41, into custody around 1 p.m., in a vacant condominium near Longmore and Emelita Avenue after a massive manhunt that included four other law-enforcement agencies.

Giroux was shot with a Taser, taken to Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa for treatment, then questioned late into Wednesday evening by detectives and investigators. Hewas expected to be booked into Maricopa County's Fourth Avenue Jail on multiple charges.


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    1. Yeah. He's the kind who can easily buy guns without a background check. But, whenever we disucss that issue, you pretend the universal background check law only affects good guys, which it doesn't since they can pass the check.